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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Persons in Ministerial Roles

Both laity and clergy fill ministerial roles in our Church. Anyone who works or volunteers under the authority or auspices of the Church must be held to the highest standards of behavior, free of misconduct in any form. Both laity and clergy may be brought up on charges within the polity of The United Methodist Church. For a list of chargeable offenses, see The Book of Discipline 2008, para. 2702.1 and 2702.3. In addition to clergy or professional staff, any United Methodist may fill a ministerial role by participating in ministries including, but not limited to:

  • leading and participating in lay speaking ministries;

  • counseling or leading events for children, youth, and adults;

  • teaching and leading in church schools for children, youth, and adults;

  • counseling victims of violence, domestic violence, or sexual abuse;

  • counseling couples about marriage, divorce, or separation;

  • leading in worship as a speaker from the pulpit, liturgist, communion server, or usher;

  • volunteering to chaperone trips, work camps, or special events;

  • working in Walks to Emmaus and Chrysalis retreats;

  • mentoring;

  • supervising church staff members; and

  • working with computers, Web sites, and the internet in church property/programs.


Excerpted from “Sexual Misconduct Within Ministerial Relationships”,The Book of Resolutions 2008, page 136.


For this and other resolutions of General Conference, along with basic definitions and policies, see the Education tab on this site.


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